What we've done during soft opening

First, we give Thanks!

Moving into our third month, we wanted to take the time to give thanks to all our loyal customers, for bringing their family and friends and spreading the word of our humble little coffee shop. We wouldn’t be where we are without you guys and we know it! We believe the work ethic, the quality, our passion and consistency that we put forth every day is starting to reflect. And we can’t thank you, Cebu, enough for that!

Recently, our team has been tasked with projects and collaborations with about five other local shops, future coffee events and a constant barrage of consultations. All this is happening before Lanz can even take his first origin trip to Mt. Apo which is scheduled for later this month.

Have you ever had coffee that tasted like tea?

The Linear team is driven to provide the best quality coffee to you. Whether it’s our hot filters, cold brews or espressos, we want you to taste the best potential flavor profile of each batch of coffee beans. First and foremost, we buy high quality greens. These are beans that are rated 80+ which we then sort before and after roasting to get rid of the defects and undesirables that would be present if left in the batch.

For most first-time customers, it may take some time to get used to the lighter, sometimes pleasantly acidic, floral, sweet and fruity flavor notes that are possible if those high-quality greens are roasted just right… which we make sure they are!

Specialty Coffee in Cebu

Specialty Coffee has started to gain some buzz in Cebu City more within the last months and this year in general. With more experienced coffee professionals looking to open their own cafes into this prime market, Cebu will soon see the bar raised in the specialty coffee sector. Once these experts open their own establishments in the city, our friends, family and customers will understand why we’ve been saying, "Cebu is where Manila was in 2012 and Singapore in 2009 in terms of specialty coffee."



Stay tuned… Next Blog post is on: Roasting!